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Construction Engineering and Management

Fundamental to our commitment to quality and achievement is the strategic vision of the Vecellio Construction Engineering and Management Program (VCEMP):

Enhance the current state of the practice in the global construction industry through an innovative and integrated education, research, and outreach agenda.

This vision is founded upon creating new knowledge through our research initiatives and integrating it with our educational and outreach activities, enabling our graduates to become agents of change in the Civil Engineering community.

In VCEMP, students are afforded the opportunity to pursue graduate study at the master of science or doctoral level and to work alongside internationally recognized faculty with expertise in domains such as

  • project management and delivery systems;
  • simulation, visualization and modeling;
  • infrastructure asset management, financing and investment decision making;
  • infrastructure monitoring, maintenance, and management;
  • cyberinfrastructure;
  • best practices in field operations;
  • information technology in construction;
  • hazard control and risk reduction;
  • indoor environmental quality
Areas of Emphasis